Tore Holms Varv


Tore Holm was born November 25th, 1896 in Gamleby. He was the second son of the shipyard founder, Knut Holm. As common those days Tores father was very demanding and dominant.

Tore Holm was working patiently throughout his school years until he finished his degree “Civil-Ingeniör” in 1922 at the Royal Technical University in Stockholm. His thesis was about the sinking of the “Per Brashes” in the Vätternsee.

Already at the age of 5 years Tore was helping his older brother to build the keelboat “Bris”. The boot was build in a shed next to their house in Garpedansberg. The Sons of the Holm family learnt the shipbuilder craftsmanship from scratch. Around 1915 Tore started to sketch / draw his own sheery cruisers but he was not allowed to sign his sketches – only to stamp them with “Knut Holms Shipyard”. Tore Holms first official drawing was the 55 sqm sheery cruiser “Mayflower” in 1919.

His breakthrough is dated 1920 with the construction of the 40sqm „Sif“. Tore and his brother Yngve won the Olympic gold medal the same year in Antwerpen.

The following year Tore constructed the 20m long and 95sqm sail area sheery cruiser “Marga IV” (nowadays named “Pajazzo”). His brother Yngve even extended that version and the result was the sheery cruiser “Brit-Marie”. Those boots dominated the sheery cruiser sailing in the golden twenties and the result have been new rules.

Later on Tore Holm specialized in constructing yachts based on the International Ruling. After the inauguration of the 5mr class in Sweden Tore Holm had become the most successful ship designer in the this class by building e.g. boats like “Ran” and “Mystic” (1937). Four boats have been build in the year 1937. Today the home port of the “Mystic” is Gamleby. “Going” and “Maribell” are other, well know 5mr yachts.

In 1928 Tore Holm participated in the GenvarRegatta with the 6mr yachts “Lilian” and “Västanfläkt”. Both boats won all sailing competitions and all the sudden orders from all over the world were send to the shipyard in Gamleby. Holms shipyard started to be the most productive shipyard in whole Sweden. Beginning of the thirties Tore Holm is taking over the shipyard from his father.

In the Olympic Games in Amsterdam Tore Holm is leading the competition but is only achieving the bronze medal after the rig broke.

In 1929 Tore Holm constructed and build the 6mr yacht “Bissei” for Erik Åkerlund. The “Bissei” is Swedens most successful boat and is achieving the “Eintonner Trophy”. Sweden has won this “Eintonner Trophy” eleven times – thereof ten times Tore Holm constructed those yachts.

In 1932 “Bissei” won the Gold Medal in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles with Tore Holm at the rudder in person. At the Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin the Italian sailers protested successfully – at the end Sven Salen and Tore Holm got the Bronze medal. In the Olympic Games in London 1948 the Bronze medal was the only possible result after a broken rudder.

In the shipyard of Gamleby Tore Holm constructed and built many well known 6mr yachts like “Marianne” (1934), “Tidsfördrif”, “Fågel blå”; “Maybe”- those yachts have been legendary.

8mR yachts constructed and built by Tore Holm are: ELSINORE“ (1930), „RANJA“ (1935), „WANDA“ (1937), „ATAIR“, „ALBATROSS“, „SVANEVIT“ (1939) und „ILDERIM”. The yacht “Ilderim” got “medal qualifications” during the Olympic Games in 1936 but got disqualified due to protests. In total Tore Holm won two times Gold, two times Silver and three times Bronze during the participation in five Olympic games sailing races.

For the 10mR class Tore Holm constructed and built yachts like “Zibeline” and “Gullkrona”. Another extended construction was “Havsörnen” (1938).

A few years ago it was reported that Tore Holm was building a J-Class yacht in the thirties. This was found out by the research of Fred Mayer from the Societe Nautique de Geneve. The work was started before the World War II and being stopped by the start of the war. The work has been continued these days.

The KSSS register showed that Tore Holm had done 28 constructions by the year 1940.

Fotos and background information: Georg Lowejko, Skogsborg


Tore Holm 1896 - 1977